Helpful Tips To Help You Manage Back Pain

Back Pain Self Treatment

About 70 percent of the population suffers with back pain. That’s a lot of people with aches and pains interfering with their lives, just like you. The following tips are designed to help you manage more of your pain in order to be able to live more of your life.

1. Visit a professional. It’s important to know that you are not actually injured, nor do you have any abnormality in your spine, such as misalignment of a disc. Talk to your doctor to rule out the possibility of something more serious. Chances are good that you’re simply overdoing things in your day, but it’s best to know for sure.

2. Examine your lifestyle. If you’re always helping people move things, raking your lawn once a week and otherwise engaged in constant activity that can put pressure on your back, slow down! Give it a rest for about a week and see if the pain subsides. What ever work you do take care of, do so very gingerly and be very aware of how your back is absorbing the brunt of everything.

3. Find out how to treat your pain. Simple over-the-counter medications, menthol rubs and alternating cold/hot therapies may go a long way toward relieving the pain you feel. Try different things, along with back rest, and see what helps you the most. Then, make sure to make the home remedy a regular part of your routine.

4. Watch your weight. Particularly excess weight around you mid-section. This really taxes the muscles in your back and can bring on the pain all by itself. In other words: Being overweight may be the ultimate cause of your aching back. Think about the other health benefits of losing weight too, then formulate a plan of action that will work with your lifestyle to bring the weight down.

5. Use special exercises and simple stretching to ease pain. If you’ve got the okay from your doctor, consider starting a program featuring exercises that focus on the back and can help with pain management. For instance, lying on a mat and slightly lifting both legs can significantly strengthen certain muscles that support your back. Stretching can do a lot for you also, so make a point of getting up at least once an hour all day long and gently stretching your back.

6. Sit up straight. You might be surprised to know how poor your posture is, especially when you are absorbed in your favorite show or video game. Start paying attention to how you sit, and make the effort to sit erect with your shoulders slightly back and both feet flat on the floor. It may take some getting use to; however, the trade-off of less pain will be well worth it.

Enjoying life without back pain is something we all deserve. Unfortunately, back pain may be a permanent part of your life, but there are many things you can do about it. Use these tips and the advice of the professionals you speak with and take the time to take care of that aching back.

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